StreetWide is a full service collection agency that works solely in the financial services sector. We specialize in the recovery of securities and securities-fraud related debt from a wide array of sources. StreetWide can offer you the industry knowledge you demand and a focus that is unmatched.

In addition to handling the recovery of your funds, StreetWide will facilitate and manage an arbitration process for you if and when it becomes necessary. In cases where legal representation becomes necessary, StreetWide will utilizes one of our circle of nationwide attorney's. Each with Securities related experience.You pay one Fee for StreetWide's and our legal services combined. This is also done on a contingency basis. We will collect all unpaid judgments and post-arbitration settlements as well as reduce arbitration awards to judgment. In addition StreetWide will manage and monitor any and all payment plan accounts and enforce all post arbitration awards. StreetWide will also enforce all post-arbitration awards. To aid in your record-keeping efforts, StreetWide will supply you with detailed monthly status reports. Also, in order for you to collect on as much debt as possible, StreetWide can provide cost-efficient recovery service for low balance items.

As quick as it takes to dial a phone, StreetWide can begin process of recovering a firm's valuable assets and mitigate any losses your firm encores. Comprehensive management of all your securities related debt collection needs is what StreetWide Asset Recovery is all about!

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