StreetWide brings to the table 26 years of experience in securities industry related collections. Over the course of his career, Michael Colombo, President of StreetWide, has worked closely with both FINRA dispute resolution and the NYSE enforcement and arbitration divisions. He has a proven track record of settling 90% of collections cases before they reach the arbitration stage and a history of recovering an average of 80 to 90 cents on the dollar.

Michael has collected successfully "in-house" for firms such as Paine Webber, Gruntal and Co. and GKN Securities. With StreetWide, Michael has established business relationships with and has collected successfully for top tier firms such as Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. , Raymond James and Associates, Inc. , Paine Webber, Inc. , Morgan Keegan and Co., Inc. , Merrill Lynch, Wachovia Securites, MetLife Securities, Harris Investor Services/CSFB, and Ryan Beck and Co, Inc. and Pershing, LLC in addition to FINRA.

Thanks to the expertise of Michael and his staff, all industry experienced professionals, StreetWide can lower the legal expenditures for a securities firm up to 70% by working diligently to collect what is owed in a swift and professional manner. StreetWide can offer you the industry knowledge you demand and a focus that is unmatched.

StreetWide is a collection agency that works solely in the financial services sector. We specialize in the recovery of securities and securities-fraud related debt from a wide array of sources.